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I originally hail from Chicago, IL. Spent most of my life living in the big city of Chicago until 1997 when I packed up a decided to move to Phoenix, AZ on a relocation with the company I was with at the time. I spent over 30 years (guess I'm giving my age away just a little bit) in the Information Technology arena. I've been part of many different IT Tech innovations over the years e.g.. Digital Cellular Technology (all those that continually have your face in your phone - you're welcome), SMART Meter Reading Technology (e.g. Water, Electric etc.), Movie Streaming Technologies, just to name a few. All the years spent working in Corp America, Consulting, and spending 15 years of my life on the road - I said "Enough is enough". I packed it up, walked away and decided to try and combine my love of photography with my love of music.

I've always loved music, and anytime I went to different shows I always tried to get my camera in with me (most of the time successful, just not the best quality). I had many different types that I would try and sneak in with me. Right before I decided to walk away from Corp American and IT I took a vacation and attended a music festival. At this festival I was given all access media pass and was able to get some great professional looking photos. After this event I started to farm out my pictures and was actually picked up by an International Magazine. I continue to attend shows and cover for various outlets and having a great time doing it. 

Since I walked away from my main career mid-way through 2014 I would say I'm semi-retired right now. This may change, but I keep working on my photography skills in other areas and hope that I can officially say I'm a pro photog at some point. I still have areas of improvement to work on with my craft, but in the long run - right now - I am much happier then ever before. My hopes are that perhaps my skills will be noticed and I'll be able to take my abilities to work with musicians as their personal photographer. Until then I keep building my presence and portfolio. This page will mainly be dedicated to everything music, but as I expand my areas of exposure I will include that here as well.

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